The Fast
Startup Machine


Accelerating the Business Startup Process

Traditional Angel and Venture Capital processes are fraught with problems. 

First, it takes too much effort to get an idea funded. Any effort you spend seeking money is effort you could have spent building your business. Even then, most Angel and VC firms add less value than they claim, and rig the system to take too much control. In the modern world, most of what they make you spend money on isn't even useful. There are even con men and loan sharks trolling for marks, pretending to be real investors, when they really just want to bleed money and ideas out of entrepreneurs.

FSM Tech Holdings Corp provides a "Fast Startup Machine" method, to safely get an idea into prototype and market proof sales mode as rapidly as possible, without the massive inefficiencies that VCs and "Angels" inject into the process. If the idea proves successful, it will either become self-funding based on revenue, or will at least be able to prove its viability to investors.

About Us

Combined Experience

The principal shareholders at FSM Tech Holdings Corp have a combined 100+ years working in tech and other business startups, and helped start companies that created over 25 billion in market capitalization.


Customers, Partners, Ventures, Investments

FSM has a continually changing portfolio of customers, partners, direct ventures, and investments. We work together within this ecosystem to deliver leadership products to a wide variety of markets.

Some of these are confidential, such as "dark phase" startups. Others may come and go as business needs or startup phases change.

The following list is therefore simply intended to broadly illustrate the types of companies involved, be it FSM ventures, partners, or otherwise:

  • Athos Adventures
  • Bottlenose Real Estate
  • Graviton Data
  • Heuristic IT
  • HGST
  • Intel
  • Pallas Payment Processing
  • PLPC
  • SanDisk
  • US DoD
  • US DoE
  • Western Digital


FSM Tech Holdings Corp is closed indefinitely, force majeure, due to the pandemic. The only currently working contact method for emergencies is via mail: 3540 W. Sahara, E6 135, Las Vegas, NV 89102-5816.